Is simply accessing your organizational data, much less acquiring derived analytics from it, a challenge? While a unified view of and streamlined access to all data may well be a pipe dream, making major strides towards it, is not hard to imagine. apLumina helps you leverage the scale and power of high performance cloud computing by enabling big data platform overlay. In addition, enterprises gain crucial insight from their big data workloads with our data visualization and business intelligence tool development capabilities.

Insight-generating Data visualization tools

Our proficiency in SQL/no SQL scripting technologies and dynamic forms helps simplify both development and testing of web applications by providing client-side model view controller capability as well as providing structure from design through testing. Intuitive & insight generating UI development on open source technologies

Monitoring/Auditing Tools

We help enterprises build multi-layer monitoring tools through custom instrumentation for granular access, analytics based on real time high performance mining of activity logs, customization of network monitoring tools etc.

Big Data Transformation and Analytics

For enterprises seeking to leverage the power of the Big Data paradigm, apLumina provides a clear path to achieving Big Data organizational proficiency. Our expertise in open source Big Data technologies and experience developing custom applications enables the leap to scalability and discovery of unique insight.