Which of your applications could benefit the most from being in the cloud? Are they cloud-ready? What cloud architecture is best suited for your infrastructure? How much effort and resources would be required to get there? While we help you think and plan through these considerations, we roll up our sleeves and actually make the plans operational. From identifying code level issues which may pose migration challenges to devising and applying appropriate fixes to enable migration, we are there all the way.

Cloud readiness assessment

Identifying code level issues such as interoperability, security and even third party licensing conflicts that scuttle migration plans. Detailed application profiling to identify which parts of the application and data are possibly at risk and what kinds of security controls are warranted.

Ensuring compliance and maintenance of regulatory controls for your industry and having the ability to the necessary auditing, reporting and access to information.

Cloud Architecture

Comprehensive architecting of your cloud implementation ranging from cloud capacity planning to service your application’s current and projected demand pattern to accounting for second and third order interplay between other applications.

Making Applications Cloud-Ready

Our approach is to focus on the key factors that influence the extent of cloud readiness of your applications for example, by minimizing mutable states, evaluating no-sql stores, creating asynchronous services, automating deployment and designing for failure.